About Us:

Gardens On Air - A Local Farm, Inc. 

      We are committed to an agricultural center that will benefit Veterans of Military and Law Enforcement that suffer from PTSD. We will be a self contained ecosystem, in tune with the the needs of our community. A place our community will gladly support; knowing that the food they buy and eat from our Greenhouses are healthy, clean, and safe for their families.  

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  Gardens On Air - A Local Farm, Inc. 

We strive to provide a modern place of learning for sustainable and renewable practices that Veterans of Military and Law Enforcement Officer with PTSD can use to grow healthy and delicious clean grown produce and vegetables without having to use harmful herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals.

We want to provide everyone living in Rainbow City and surrounding area's with the cleanest, freshest, tastiest, healthiest produce available anywhere. 

It will be our continued belief that reinvestment in the local community and our Emergency Services Veterans will serve our company best.

  We want to train and hire local Veterans of Military and Law Enforcement who believe in hard work and want to gain the knowledge to continue farming which feeds so many in ways that far exceed food. 

We eventually will start a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Farm called: "Community Healing and Teaching Farm" specifically for Veterans of Military and Law Enforcement who suffer from PTSD.  A place where they can learn a new trade and be around like minded individuals who understand what they have been through.  

We are HGAP Certified as of January 2018. 
We are in the process of getting "Gardens On Air - A Local Farm, Inc." and our LOGO Trademarked through the US Patent & Trademark Office.