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Gardens On Air

A Local Farm

Lee Harrison, Jr.




"The Pepper Place Farmers Market"

2829 2nd Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35233

 7am - 12pm

April 15th, 22nd, & 29th

May 6th & 13th

We will then be on call until September...

If you have any sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass, or barleygrass that you want please email us at or

call / text (205)209-6203 & I'll gladly grow & bring you what you want as long as I can get seeds and grow it.....

Our Local Farm is Opening Soon and Will Feature:

Herbs, Vegetables, Produce, Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Sprouts, and Microgreens that are grown currently using Vertical Aeroponic Towers in a true aeroponic environment, as well as, Hydroponic, NFT, and Aquaponic growing.  

We promise never to use Herbicides, Pesticides, or any Chemicals.  We will NEVER grow with seeds that are Genetically Modified...  

 Locally grown. NO seasonal worries.

Continual harvest every 3 days for Sprouts to 45 days depending on the crop. 

We are proud to be part of "The Market at Pepper Place" Farmers Market in Birmingham, Alabama.


Pictured below is a greenhouse we used to own in Florida that utilized "AirGrown Towers" which is an Aeroponic form of farming. We no longer are in Florida but still use a smaller "AirGrown Tower" which can grow 210 plants at a time.

Gardens On Air 2012 Florida

 We are proud to provide fresh, locally grown produce to Jody and his team at "Local Joes Trading Post" in Rainbow City, Alabama.

The "Gardens On Air - A Local Farm" greenhouses....Yes, there is still a lot of work to do: but with GOD's help WE will succeed....

This Video was made by my cousin Craig when we had our farm in Indiantown, Florida. 

Aunt Sandi came to visit us at "The Market At Pepper Place" April 8th....It was so nice to see her....

LeeAnn and I setting up and getting ready for the customers to begin coming by.... It was a Beautiful Day that the Lord made for us......

Tim & Lee during our first official visit to U.S. Space & Rocket Center "Space Camp" in Huntsville, Alabama - Fall 2011.