Gardens On Air, Inc. & Lee

  Gardens On Air - A Local Family Farm

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Herbs, Vegetables, Produce, Wheatgrass, and Microgreens that are grown currently using Vertical Aeroponic Towers in a true aeroponic environment, as well as, hydroponic, NFT, and aquaponic growing.  We will also utilize up and coming Vertical Aeroponic Towers and any other growing method which we believe will enhance our ability to provide to our local community.  Our products are higher in nutritional content, fresh, tasty, healthy, pesticide & herbicide free.  Locally grown. NO seasonal worries. Continual harvest every 25 - 45 days depending on the crop. 


Gardens On Air

A Local Farm

Lee Harrison, Jr.


"Airgrown" Towers in Albertville, Alabama - August 2010 - when Lee & Tim brought Alabama its first Aeroponic Farm........ Gardens On Air.

Tim & Lee during our first official visit to U.S. Space & Rocket Center "Space Camp" in Huntsville, Alabama - Fall 2011.

 Alabama Agriculture Commissioner -  John McMillan & Gardens On Air -  CEO Lee Harrison, Jr. in Montgomery, Alabama during the "Rodeo Round-Up" Spring 2012.